Caldwell's Cruise On In


Caldwell's Cruise On In, nick name 'Cruze', is a black pinto American Shetland Pony originating from the now much sought-after Caldwell breeding program. As he is below 38" tall he is also a B-division AMHR registered American Miniature Horse.

Cruze has had a very successful show career, winning Grand Champion titles at several shows. He is the 2013 AMHR National Champion Yearling Stallion and the 2013 AMHR Reserve National Champion Junior Stallions. Based on a very successful 2014 AMHR National Area 4 Show, he was also gearing up for success at the 2014 AMHR Nationals, but unfortunately had to be withdrawn at the last moment from competing due to illness.

This wonderful stallion has truly put our farm on the map.

In 2014, Cruze was the first ASPC/AMHR pony/miniature horse we imported from the USA, followed by five mares in the years that followed. With these five great mares, Cruze has so far produced 3 exceptional foal crops with a 4th foal crop on the way for 2020. Cruze is very likely homozygous for pinto as all his foals so far are pintos, also from non-pinto mares. He is extremely fertile and has managed to get all of his mares in foal in the first breeding cycle in four consecutive breeding seasons. He knows all the tricks in the book and has experience in pasture breeding, hand breeding, as well as AI. Cruze is a strong filly producer: his three foal crops so far consisted of 3 colts and 10 fillies. With only five broodmares he produced all exceptional foals - all very different in appearance and character, but all with the signature 'Cruze' white butt ;-). Photos of his foals can be found by following the links for his offspring below. Three of his offspring have actively participated in the 2019 show circuit, winning Champion titles including Grand and Supreme titles.

Cruze has never been offered for outside breedings, so his offspring remains highly exclusive and desired.

Cruze is an animated and spirited, but well behaved and trained stallion; always in great condition, and as such a very easy keeper. He is ready to go back into the show ring for anyone looking to win some additional titles with him.

On April 3, 2021 Cruze was sold to Nathalie Delie and Stephan Draye in Belgium.


| AMHR: 319149T
| ASPC: 163063
born: July 25, 2012
height: 37 inch
color: pinto/black


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2014 AMHR National Area 4 Show

AMHR National Area 4 Champion Two Year Old Stallion, Over 33" to 37"
AMHR National Area 4 Junior Champion Junior Stallion, Over
AMHR National Area 4 Grand Champion Stallion, Over


2013 AMHR National Show

National Champion Yearling Stallion, Over 32" to 34"
Reserve National Champion Jr Stallion, Over