Frequently Asked Questions


Feel free to contact us for any questions that do not get answered in our FAQ, or that require further clarification.

What kind of horse passports are provided with Hulislaum horses?

According to European regulations, all our horses have European NL-HORSE Passports. The passports for our horses are provided by the Dutch Miniature Horse Studbook (NMPRS).

Are Hulislaum horses registered in the Dutch Miniature Horse Studbook (NMPRS)?

Our mares and fillies are registered with the NMPRS studbook and can, provided they receive a veterinary inspection through NMPRS, be used for breeding NMPRS horses. Our current stallions are not registered with the NMPRS studbook and can therefore not be used for breeding NMPRS horses.

How come Hulislaum stallions are not registered in the Dutch Miniature Horse Studbook (NMPRS)?

NMPRS requires that stallions registered in the studbook are parentage qualified along two generations through DNA testing. Our herd sire Caldwell's Cruise On In (a.k.a. Cruze) was imported from the USA where DNA testing is neither required nor commonplace for ASPC/AMHR horses. Hence, no DNA is available to parentage-qualify Cruze. Cruze's sons can be parentage-qualified to Cruze and their dams, but not to their grandsires and granddams. Future grandsons of Cruze can be parentage-qualified for NMPRS studbook registration, upon request.

Does Hulislaum provide a height guarantee on AMHR-registered horses for sale?

No. We breed ASPC ponies around the AMHR height of 38" (measured on the last hair of the mane). We find that this somewhat taller height lies at the sweet spot of conformation, movement, and overall horse-like appearance for small ponies. This does mean some ponies may end up well under 38", allowing them to be shown in both AMHR Over classes and ASPC classes, while others may exceed 38", disqualifying them for participating in AMHR show classes. We strongly believe that the quality, attractiveness, and thus the value of our ponies cannot be measured by what sometimes is only a mere fraction of an inch under or over a limit set by AMHR. More so since AMHR is essentially just a height registry of the ASPC. Therefore, we do NOT provide any mature height guarantees on our ponies.

What guarantees DOES Hulislaum provide on horses for sale?

Prior to any sale, we provide an honest assessment on the visible health, character, and behavior of our horses to prospective buyers, upon request. In consultation with the buyer, we provide clear a sales agreement with mutually agreed terms and clauses. As part of the sales agreement, we can offer the buyer the opportunity to conduct an independent medical examination (at the buyer's expense). Should the horse fail such examination, the buyer reserves the right to void the sales agreement. If the horse passes the examination, the sale is final.