Welcome to the website of Hulislaum American Shetland Ponies. At Hulislaum we breed, raise, train, and love 100% pure-bred, top show quality American Shetland Ponies, as registered in the American Shetland Pony Club (ASPC) studbook.

Our website provides background information on this wonderful small horse breed. We bring you a virtual tour of our farm and a virtual display of our horses. At times we offer some of our high quality horses for sale. So please don't forget to check out our sales list as well.

Enjoy your visit and please come again.

Jeroen en Kim Leijten
Hulsel, The Netherlands.


Our Story

Our story begins in 2004. On the search for animals to raise on the old farm that would become our new home, I came across the small equine known as the American Miniature Horse on the internet. And so our journey began.

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The American Shetland Pony

The American Shetland Pony is a far cry from the chubby, short-legged, small ponies many rode in their youth. Years of careful selective breeding and crosses with other more refined horse breeds - a process that dates back to the 1880s - created a true show pony that is leggy and elegant, has a pretty head and slender neck, and that exhibits graceful movement.

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The American Miniature Horse

The result of nearly 400 years of selective breeding, historians tend to support the Miniature Horse breed as a derivative of many sources. In prehistoric times small horse breeds were most likely the products of surviving harsh natural climates and limited feed. Today, knowledge of genetics has made the possibility of breeding specifically for size a reality.

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The American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR)

The American Miniature Horse Registration (AMHR) is a sister organisation of the American Shetland Pony Club (ASPC) and is the oldest miniature horse registry in the USA. The AMHR divides miniature horses into two categories: horses up to 34" tall are classified as A-division or "under" horses, whereas horses between 34" and 38" tall are classified as B-division or "over" horses.

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The Stallion

The stallion... Majestic, strong, athletic and proud...

In horse breeding, the male horse typically produces a relatively large amount of offspring. With 50% of their genetic information passed onto their foals, stallions exhibit an enormous influence in bringing the miniature horse breed forward. Hence, using only the best stallions in ones breeding program is an absolute must, to ensure a successful breeding program and continuous improvement of the breed.

At Hulislaum, the pedigrees and foundation bloodlines of both our own and outside stallions, display a proven consistency in producing high quality offspring.

The Mare

The mare... Feminine, protective, gracious, gentle...

The female horse passes 50% of her genetic information on to her foal. However, a significant additional influence is due to non-genetic maternal influences, such as nourishment during gestation, milking ability of the dam and the strenght of the dams maternal instinct. Research has shown that an approximate 70% of the performance outcome of a foal is contributed by the mare. Hence, although the stallion often receives most credits for producing a great foal - if only by naming the foal after its sire - it is clear that the importance of selecting the best possible mares for a breeding program is critical to its success.

At Hulislaum, we have been and continue to be very picky in choosing each and every mare we own, as many of her foals will look, behave and grow up to be just like her.


Comferts Nighthawks Fantasia

Comferts Nighthawks Fantasia a.k.a. "Disney" is a bay sabino double-registered (ASPC/AMHR) American Shetland Pony mare. Both her sire and dam were highly successful show ponies competing at the highest level at the AMHR National Show and ASPC Congress.

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| AMHR: 331418T
| ASPC: 164552
| NMPRS: 528007201401002
born: March 11, 2014
height: 38 inch
color: pinto/bay


Sharrway Bedazzled

Sharrway Bedazzled, nick name 'Dazzle', is a silver dapple Modern Pleasure American Shetland Pony mare. Dazzle is by the 2002 ASPC Modern Pleasure Halter Pony of the Year, Hidden Image FMF.

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| ASPC: 162609
| NMPRS: 528007201600522
born: April 29, 2012
height: 45 inch
color: dapple/silver

The Foal

The foal... Tiny, flashy, adorable, playful...

As the future of the breed, the foal shows us the present on our way forward. It's conformation, attitude and performance is a display of the direction in which the breed is heading.

At Hulislaum, we breed for quality, not quantity. We breed for the joy of watching the newborns grow into those little horses that we love. We breed horses that we would want to keep with us forever. But now and then, for sure, we share some of them... with the world.


Caldwell's Cruise On In

Caldwell's Cruise On In, nick name 'Cruze', is a black pinto American Shetland Pony originating from the now much sought-after Caldwell breeding program. As he is below 38" tall he is also a B-division AMHR registered American Miniature Horse.

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| AMHR: 319149T
| ASPC: 163063
born: July 25, 2012
height: 37 inch
color: pinto/black


Darmonds Sheza Miracle

Darmonds Sheza Miracle, nick name 'Miracle', is a nice show mare. Although her pedigree may not contain the world's biggest names and bloodlines, her conformation is exceptional. No wonder, since both her grandsires and one of her granddams have been very successfully competing at the AMHA National (now World) Shows.

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| AMHA: A 85615
born: February 20, 1997
height: 31 inch
color: pinto/sorrel


La Vista Jazzs Finale

La Vista Jazzs Finale, nick name 'Jazz', is a beautiful, very correct and refined mare. She is sired by multiple Reserve World Champion WF Pattons Sunday Jazz who is a direct son of the legendary World Champion Get of Sire Glenns General Patton. Her maternal grandsire is the majestic World Grand Champion stallion La Vista Remarkable Mardi Gras.

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| AMHA: A 205365
born: April 25, 2011
height: 31 inch
color: pinto/chestnut


Marystown Charm's & Ribbons

Marystown Charm's & Ribbons, nick name 'Charlie', is a grey American Shetland Pony mare with a white blaze and two white socks on her hind legs. Charlie is by the ASPC Congress Grand Champion Stallion, Royal Spun Charmer.

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| AMHR: 327601T
| ASPC: 164687
| NMPRS: 528007201401031
born: May 8, 2014
height: 37 inch
color: solid/grey


McCarthy's Ragtime Girl

McCarthy's Ragtime Girl, nick name 'Reza', is a beautiful double-registered (ASPC/AMHR) American Shetland Pony mare. Both her sire and dam were highly successful show-horses that achieved AMHR Hall of Fame (HOF) status.

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| AMHR: 323189B
| ASPC: 163844
| NMPRS: 528032050323189
born: July 7, 2013
height: 37 inch
color: solid/grey


Rayvik Pharaoh's A Dream Remembered

Rayvik Pharaoh's A Dream Remembered, nick name 'Demi', is a bay double-registered (ASPC/AMHR) American Shetland Pony mare with four white socks and two big blue eyes. Both her sire and dam were highly successful show ponies competing at the highest level at the AMHR National Show and ASPC Congress.

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| AMHR: 327683T
| ASPC: 164697
| NMPRS: 528007201454662
born: May 3, 2014
height: 36.5 inch
color: solid/bay


SHM Awestrucks Cinderella

SHM Awestrucks Cinderella, nick name 'Cindy', is a very refined show mare. Already in her first show season she became the 2009 European Champion Weanling Mares. Her pedigree contains World Champion bloodlines on both the sire and dam side.

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| AMHA: A 194406
| AMHR: 328115A
born: April 16, 2009
height: 34 inch
color: solid/sorrel


SHM Eros Flaming Star

SHM Eros Flaming Star, nick name 'Flame', is a beautiful refined mare out of the Reserve World Champion and Multiple World Top Ten mare, Cascades Millennial Star. Flame is sired by the European Champion stallion, Uno Eros.

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| AMHA: A 211004
born: April 16, 2012
height: 33 inch
color: pinto/sorrel


SHM Indigo Elvis

SHM Indigo Elvis, nick name 'Elvis', is a beautiful, refined young stallion with an exceptional pedigree. His sire, dam, both grand-sires, and one grand-dam all hold World Champion titles in various disciplines, including halter, driving and liberty.

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| AMHA: A 205990
born: April 22, 2011
height: 32 inch
color: solid/black

In Memoriam

In loving memory of our equine angels...