The Stallion

The stallion... Majestic, strong, athletic and proud...

In horse breeding, the male horse typically produces a relatively large amount of offspring. With 50% of their genetic information passed onto their foals, stallions exhibit an enormous influence in bringing the miniature horse breed forward. Hence, using only the best stallions in ones breeding program is an absolute must, to ensure a successful breeding program and continuous improvement of the breed.

At Hulislaum, the pedigrees and foundation bloodlines of both our own and outside stallions, display a proven consistency in producing high quality offspring.

The Mare

The mare... Feminine, protective, gracious, gentle...

The female horse passes 50% of her genetic information on to her foal. However, a significant additional influence is due to non-genetic maternal influences, such as nourishment during gestation, milking ability of the dam and the strenght of the dams maternal instinct. Research has shown that an approximate 70% of the performance outcome of a foal is contributed by the mare. Hence, although the stallion often receives most credits for producing a great foal - if only by naming the foal after its sire - it is clear that the importance of selecting the best possible mares for a breeding program is critical to its success.

At Hulislaum, we have been and continue to be very picky in choosing each and every mare we own, as many of her foals will look, behave and grow up to be just like her.


Comferts Nighthawks Fantasia

Comferts Nighthawks Fantasia a.k.a. "Disney" is a bay sabino double-registered (ASPC/AMHR) American Shetland Pony mare. Both her sire and dam were highly successful show ponies competing at the highest level at the AMHR National Show and ASPC Congress.

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| AMHR: 331418T
| ASPC: 164552
| NMPRS: 528007201401002
born: March 11, 2014
height: 38 inch
color: pinto/bay


Sharrway Bedazzled

Sharrway Bedazzled, nick name 'Dazzle', is a silver dapple Modern Pleasure American Shetland Pony mare. Dazzle is by the 2002 ASPC Modern Pleasure Halter Pony of the Year, Hidden Image FMF.

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| ASPC: 162609
| NMPRS: 528007201600522
born: April 29, 2012
height: 45 inch
color: dapple/silver

The Foal

The foal... Tiny, flashy, adorable, playful...

As the future of the breed, the foal shows us the present on our way forward. It's conformation, attitude and performance is a display of the direction in which the breed is heading.

At Hulislaum, we breed for quality, not quantity. We breed for the joy of watching the newborns grow into those little horses that we love. We breed horses that we would want to keep with us forever. But now and then, for sure, we share some of them... with the world.